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Meet the Author …

So, I’ve hit 30 and I’d like to think I’ve achieved and experienced a lot of what life has to throw at a young man growing up in the South East of England (not that much, we’re over privileged as f**k).

I’ve changed career numerous times, had inspirational moments, made lots of mistakes and grown to a point in my life where I feel it’s important to take stock. That, and the fact that we’re in lockdown at the moment so I have a ton of free time.

“Talks a Good Game” is the home. My Home.

The home of 5 minute content that you love to read (if you’re a 20-30 year old lad with plenty of free time);

  • Arsenal
  • Stretching properly so you don’t pop a calf every 5K
  • How to stop your Playstation from sounding like its about to take off when you start her up.

It’s good to talk

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